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Our Core Services for Immigrant Community

Education & Study

Language institutes, language learning applications, teachers, tutors, universities, public/private schools

Entrepreneurship & Career

Job search, career development, employment and entrepreneurship, work from home, headhunters, recruitment agencies, internship agencies, and executive search

Legal & Administrative

Lawyers, legal advisors, law firms, administration and documentation agencies, translation offices

Entertainment & Leisure

Holding parties, gathering, dating apps, tour guides, group travelling, and other exotic activities

Personal Life/Family Support

Send money back home, protecting family, public transport locator, home handyman, real estate

Immigration & Travel

Relocation agencies, travel agencies, ticket sellers(plane,train), immigration agencies

Finance & Investment

Financial advisors, accountants, financial market experts(traders), trading companies


Doctors, psychologists in local language, home doctor service, medical courier service providers, online therapy, home health, medical transportation service

When you leave your country and find yourself lost in a new one, diaspUra is your friend abroad. We are here for anything you might need from legal/administration services, study/work consultation, business/investment opportunities to help you find your new apartment, learn a new language, and even send packages and money back home.

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