About us

diaspÜra | your friend abroad

I started this project because I am an immigrant myself and I know how hard it is when you move to a new country and you do not know anyone and you are lost in the administrative procedures. diaspÜra is the answer for anyone who wants to have an easier transition abroad. 

By using our services through a one-stop transparent marketplace you can get help for anything from legal/administration services, study/work consultation, business/investment opportunities to help you find your new apartment, learning a new language, and even sending packages and money back home.

Since we have all experienced living abroad, we focus to hire from developing and 3rd world countries’ migrants as they can easily resonate better with other people who are in a similar situation. Our team members come from different cultures and have various work experiences.

Moreover, we are looking for volunteers to join the journey of building up this social project. If you are interested please contact me here or send an email at info@diaspura.org

Last but not least, the website is in progress but please support us by filling in the survey to understand better your needs.