How to immigrate to France. Step by step complete guide (not complete yet-only for test)

How to immigrate to France. Step by step complete guide


Deciding where to immigrate is one of the most important decisions one ever makes in his lifetime. In case you are considering immigrating to France, this article should provide you the right information.

In this article, we break down each step of the immigration process, mentally, financially, legally, and culturally.

The questions we are going to answer are:

  • Defining the why
  • What kind of visa will you need to move to France?
  • Expenses
  • How to find accommodation in France?
  • How to improve your social life and integrate culturally in France?
  • The best and the worst of living in France
  1. Defining the why

I do believe answering the “why” is always the most important step of making any decision. Why you and not someone else?

In case you chose France you might want to get good at defending your decisions.

People usually immigrate for many different reasons, often the reason is personal development. Better chances of education and job offers, healthier environment, and higher living standards.

Depending on your case your journey is different.

Defining the exact reason why you are immigrating will greatly increase your chance of experiencing a smooth administration process and faster cultural integration.

Depending on the country you are moving from, you’ll need to provide a motivation letter for the embassy in order to receive your visa.

A motivation letter is where you will have a chance to clearly express the reason for your decision. The embassy pays special attention to the intent of the immigrants. Make sure you are using convincing arguments and not just general explanations.



Immigration for study purposes:

– Explain why you chose France and not another country

– Why the subject you are studying can help you offer value to France

– Talk about your point of view of responsibility and making the best out of life opportunities

– Explain what you have done previously and why moving to France is the last option for you after you grew as much as you could in the country you are already in

Immigration for Work purposes:

– Why do you consider working in France and not another country

– Explain the fidelity between your company and France and your part of being responsible to this company

– Explain your previous achievements and what you think of bringing to the table as your unique individual value in professional matters

Immigration for family and marriage reasons:

– Explain the reasons for your marriage, prove that you are married for love and not for immigration reasons

  1. Prepare the documentation for the embassy

Depending on which country you are coming to France the required documents vary.

For more details check the link below and send an email to the closest embassy to where you live and ask if the list of required documents has been updated.

  1. Housing

Finding an apartment in France can be complicated. Usually, agencies and French landlords ask for one or two people to be your guarantee so in case you won’t be paying your rent. Finding a guarantee however for people who just arrived in France can be complicated.

In case you do not know anyone with a stable salary who is the residence of France and would be willing to sign the guarantee papers for you, don’t panic there are other solutions:

  1. La Grantie Visale (
  2. Loca-Pass (
  3. Grante me (
  4. Bank
  5. Unkle (

But this will be usually acceptable for students or unemployed people. If are employed you might not even be asked for the guarantee, your salary will be an important factor in which home you are most likely to rent, usually, the rent should be one-third of the salary.

  1. Insurance


  1. Immigration office


  1. Language


  1. How to integrate?


  1. How to become French?



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